About Us

Our reputable private transportation service company

Get ready to transform your special occasion into an unforgettable adventure with Shooboo Trolley & Shuttle Company! We understand that weddings are more than just an event - they're a cherished milestone. At Shooboo, we're dedicated to ensuring that you and your guests have the most special and comfortable experience. With a primary focus on weddings, we take pride in being a part of your journey towards a lifetime of beautiful memories. Our goal is to make your experience truly exceptional. Renowned for our reputable private transportation service, we prioritize excellence, integrity, and your peace of mind. Whether you choose our charming trolleys or sleek shuttles, rest assured that our fleet is meticulously maintained and ready to roll for parties of all sizes. We prioritize your comfort, convenience, and safety on every trip. Our team of professional drivers operates like clockwork - dedicated to ensuring that you’re on track to enjoy your planned travel. No matter what activity you had in mind, we will find the perfect ride for you.Whether with family, friends, or that someone special, don't worry, because we have enough room for everyone to enjoy the ride. Travel with Shooboo Trolley & Shuttle Company where getting there is just as exciting as the destination!

If you would like to learn more about Shooboo Trolley & Shuttle Company, please email info@shoobooshuttle.com, contact us here, or call us at 732-300-3303